This set includes a heavy-duty wood chip strainer, a pouch of oak flavored wood chips, and a cleaning brush to give you everything you need to get started with crafting innovative and mouth-watering smoky cocktails.

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  • Easy way to add delicious smoky flavor to your cocktails
  • Specifically designed to rest on top of standard whiskey glasses
  • Conveniently portable for easy mobility and usability in busy bar
  • Includes heavy-duty wood chip strainer, pouch of oak flavored wood chips, and cleaning brush
  • Great for making a mouth-wateringly smoky old fashioned, bloody Mary, or Manhattan
Height 2 Inches
Top Diameter 3.3125 Inches
Material Metal
Material Wood
Type Smokers

Easy Usability

To use this smoker, simply place it over your choice cocktail allowing it to rest on the glass, load the wood chip strainer with wood chips, and ignite. Then, place the cap onto the strainer to force the smoke to escape through the holes at the base of the strainer. Watch as smoke fills the glass and remove the smoker when the desired amount of smoke has been reached. For best results, it is recommended that you light the wood chips with a butane torch.

Conveniently Portable

This smoker is designed to rest easily on standard size whiskey glasses and is portable for easy mobility and usability around a busy bar. It is perfect for making a smoky old fashioned, bloody Mary, or Manhattan! Get creative with your cocktails with the help of this cocktail smoker.

Acopa Whiskey / Cocktail Smoker with Oak Wood Chips and Cleaning Brush

Watch this video to learn how to use an Acopa whiskey and cocktail smoker in just a few easy steps.

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