Designed to fit standard 750mL liquor bottles, this collar-less liquor pourer is perfect for busy bartenders who are constantly pouring shots and creating signature mixed drinks. It fits snugly onto bottles so your bartenders will always have immediate, simple access to any liquor they need. The free flowing design is ideal for for making a lot of shots or signature drinks in a rush.

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  • Perfect for liquor bottles or coffee syrups
  • Hinged flip cap designed to help prevent contamination
  • Stopper holds the pourer firmly in place
  • Fits standard 750mL liquor bottles
  • Slim, collar-less design that ensures pouring speed and accuracy
Color Silver
Cork Size 20 mm
Features Flip Cap
Material Stainless Steel
Pourer Style Free Flow
Pourer Style Without Collar
Type Standard Liquor Pourers

Stainless Steel Construction

Thanks to its durable, stainless steel construction, this pourer delivers reliable service with each and every pour, making it perfect for consistent use. Plus, the chrome look of the steel is an attractive, eye-catching feature that will impress your guests.

Easy To Install

Both easy to install and easy to clean, this pourer is sure to keep your bar service moving quickly and efficiently. It fits nicely onto standard 750mL liquor bottles.

Smooth Pour

Featuring a free flow spout, this collar-less pourer ensures an accurate, smooth pour every time.

Eliminates Spillage

Its stopper is made of food-grade poly plastic cork material that creates a tight seal on the bottle, so that there is no product spillage.

Flip Cap

Featuring a hinged flip cap, this free-flowing pourer helps keep your product closed off from the open air when not in use, keeping liquor fresh and protecting it from contamination.

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