This petite 4" set brings an old-world look to your restaurant, bar, pub, or catered events. Fresh-ground salt and pepper offer a superior taste compared to pre-ground options, making this set a popular tablepiece when quality counts.

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  • Distinctive and contemporary steel blue finish with an ergonomic design
  • Includes 2 steel blue wooden mills
  • Elegant turned wood design for front-of-house display
  • Ceramic grinder provides longevity and avoids corrosion
  • Adjustment knob allows you to select your grind size
Height 4 Inches
Color Blue
Material Wood
Mechanism Material Ceramic
Shape Round
Type Salt & Pepper Sets

Easy to Adjust

To use, fill the salt / pepper mill with whole peppercorns or salt, then adjust the grind coarseness to the desired texture. Loosening or tightening the knob at the top of the mill will ensure a larger - or finer - grind, meeting your customers' preferences each and every time.

Twist to Grind

Hold the salt / pepper mill in one hand several inches above the food that you wish to season, and twist with the other hand to grind the peppercorns or salt. As you are twisting the salt / pepper mill, the ground pepper or salt will fall from the bottom of the mill onto the food below.

Ceramic Grinding Mechanism

Salt / pepper mills work by grinding the peppercorns or salt with two metal wheels, as they pass through the wheels. In this salt / pepper mill, the grinding mechanism is made of ceramic for longevity, maintaining sharpness even after repeated use, and allows for use with both salt and pepper.

Turned Wood

Each mill is designed with a durable turned wood body for combined quality and excellence. The wood is easy to clean and holds up under everyday conditions at your restaurant or catered events.

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