As customers continuously search for the perfectly crafted Manhattan or martini, this bar jigger's precise means of measurement ensures your guests they're getting a cocktail worth their money. Plus, you'll cut down on over-pouring since you'll always have the exact proportion at hand.

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  • Double-sided to provide multiple measuring capacity options
  • Ensures consistency and exact proportions in drink making
  • Elongated shape facilitates smooth pouring and deep wells guard against spills
  • Sleek, modern copper exterior with durable stainless steel construction
  • Great for making martinis, mojitos, long island iced teas, whiskey sours, and screwdrivers
Capacity 0.5 oz.
Capacity 0.75 oz.
Color Copper
Material Stainless Steel
Style Japanese Jigger
Type Jiggers

Elongated Dual-Sided Design

Eliminate the need for a second measuring utensil. On one side, this jigger measures out 0.5 oz. of alcohol or other syrup flavoring, and on the opposite end is a 0.75 oz. jigger. Also, the elongated shape facilitates smooth, easy pouring while the deep wells reduce the risk of spills. Quickly turn the jigger over to easily switch between the different capacities while making drinks for your thirsty guests.

Durable Construction

This jigger is made of durable stainless steel that is easy to clean and won't corrode when used with acidic ingredients.

Versatile Usage

Perfect for any bar, restaurant, or event, this dual jigger will make your drink mixing much more consistent and exact!

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