Designing and creating products with the cost-efficient consumer in mind, Acopa provides high-quality items for a low, economical price, and this table tent sign is no exception. Durable and reusable, this table tent is perfect for restaurants, buffets, bakeries, and coffee shops.

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  • Perfect for labeling signature foods and drinks or adding table numbers to dining areas
  • Designed to blend in seamlessly with any environment
  • Crisp, white color provides superior contrast when writing messages with colorful markers
  • Double sided to ensure excellent label visibility
  • Made of durable ceramic for long-lasting use
Length 3.5 Inches
Width 2 Inches
Height 2 Inches
Color White
Material Ceramic
Shape Rectangle
Sign Text Blank
Style Double Sided
Type Write-On Signs

Durable Ceramic Material

Made of durable ceramic, this table tent is built for long-lasting use and helps eliminate the need for recreating paper or laminated labels every time you have menu item changes. Use this convenient Acopa dry erase table tent to keep your customers informed about your newest entree and dessert selections!

Crisp White Color

The crisp, white color blends in seamlessly with any environment and it provides superior contrast when writing messages with colorful markers.

Double Sided

The double sided design allows you to write on both sides so guests can read the labels from either side of the table for added convenience.

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