Thanks to its classic shape and design, this cup is the ideal vessel for serving the all-time favorite drink, the mint julep. But it supports more than just mint juleps. Its smooth finish and beaded detailing makes it perfect for featuring a wide variety of drinks, or even food! Load up this cup with a side of fries for a new twist on a classic appetizer. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail that this cup will bring to your bar, lounge, or dining room.

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  • 16 oz. capacity
  • Attractive and durable stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for mint juleps and mixed drinks
  • Can also be used for appetizers and sides
  • Decorative beaded detailing around the rim and base
  • Sturdy base prevents spills and provides stability
Capacity 16 oz.
Bottom Diameter 2.25 Inches
Top Diameter 3.5 Inches
Height 4.625 Inches
Finish Brushed
Color Badge Colors
WebstaurantPlus Eligible
Type Julep Cups
Beverage Type Mint Julep
Shape Round
Finish Satin
Color Silver
Texture Smooth
Material Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe Yes

Upscale Design

Designed to enhance the quaint, rustic charms of your bar, pub, or restaurant, this versatile cup boasts a solid stainless steel exterior with a hammered finish. Thanks to its classic shape and design, it is perfect for serving the time-honored mint julep. Its smooth exterior and beaded detailing along the rim provide a refined appearance sure to impress your guests.

Rolled Rim

This rolled rim will frame your mint julep like a portrait! Not only does this rim support the perfect garnish, it decreases the chances of spillage when sipping or pouring.

"These stainless steel cups are a nice weight, but not so heavy as to be cumbersome. We use them for a variety of drinks, including their namesake mint juleps. These are durable and wash well even in the dishwasher. Coupled with their excellent price, and these are the bees knees."

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