This bowl's exceptional clarity expertly showcases the vibrant colors of your delicious dips, appetizers, and desserts! It offers a serving solution that stands out from the norm and gives your patrons a perfect view of your offerings. The straight sides make this bowl stronger and less prone to breakage, helping to reduce replacement costs. Use it to make appetizers and desserts of all textures and flavors. With this bowl, the possibilities are endless!

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  • Great for serving salads, appetizers, desserts, or condiments
  • Can also be used as a votive
  • Sleek, smooth design adds a modern look to any event
  • Flat base ensures stability and a streamlined presentation
  • Perfect for restaurants or catering operations
Height 3.25 Inches
Bottom Diameter 2.25 Inches
Maximum Diameter 2.25 Inches
Top Diameter 2.25 Inches
Capacity 7.5 oz.
Color Clear
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Features Lead Free
Material Glass
Shape Round
Style Smooth
Type Bowls

Crystal-Clear View

Whether you're serving a simple appetizer or creating an artistic dessert presentation, this bowl showcases your food in a stylish package. The sleek design adds a touch of modernity to any setting while the flat base ensures stability and a streamlined presentation. Create a special view by designing bowls full of bright and contrasting colors sure to grab the attention of your guests!

Unique Versatility

With this bowl, there is an endless variety of possibilities. It can be used for soups, salads, desserts, appetizers, or things that aren't food at all! Fill this bowl with layers of cake, chocolate, caramel, and nuts to create a dessert shot glass or toss together your most colorful fruits to make an eye-catching fruit salad. Alternatively, this bowl can also be used as a votive by adding a candle to enhance your dining area's ambiance. You can even use it to serve beverages! Whatever you choose to make, this bowl is the perfect canvas for your creation and its rim can always be topped with a garnish.

Acopa Brand

An ever-expanding brand, Acopa is known for its high-quality items and exceptional value. From trendy dinnerware and timeless flatware to long-lasting glassware and stylish catering and beverage service supplies, Acopa is your destination for any tabletop and front of house need. Created with the consumer in mind, Acopa has the perfect solution for a variety of food service and hospitality establishments.

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