The act of decanting wine serves many important purposes, and this Acopa glass wine decanter is as functional as it is eye-catching. It makes an attractive centerpiece for any wine tasting or dining room table. The addition of a decanter to your drink presentation allows your wine to be aerated while helping remove unsightly wine sediment from your customer's wine glass. The build up of sediment in the bottom of the bottle is common with some older red wines and vintage port wines. Simply pour the wine slowly and steadily from the bottle into the decanter, and stop pouring once you begin to see the sediment. This ensures every glass of wine will be clean and clear.

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  • Features crystal clear glass construction and a stylish look perfect for unique wine presentations
  • Used for filtering or aerating your most popular wines
  • Wide bowl provides maximum breathing surface
  • Narrow neck for easy, comfortable pour
  • Elongated spout for drip-free pouring
Height 10.5 Inches
Top Diameter 2.875 Inches
Shoulder Capacity 26 oz.
Bottom Diameter 4 Inches
Capacity 76 oz.
Maximum Diameter 8.5 Inches
Color Clear
WebstaurantPlus Eligible
Material Glass
Shape Round
Product Type Tabletop Supplies
Product Type Wine Accessories
Type Wine Decanters
Usage Wine
Dishwasher Safe Yes

Wide Bowl Helps Aeration

As wine is poured from the original wine bottle into the decanter, and from the decanter into the customer's glass, it interacts with air. This opens up some of the wine's unique flavors and aromas. This decanter works to rapidly aerate wine, providing maximum breathing surface within its wide bowl. When you aerate the wine, it results in a smoother, less harsh taste. The base of this decanter will hold 26 oz., or a full bottle of wine.

Long Neck

This glass decanter is sturdy and dependable. Its long narrow neck and flat top offer an easy and comfortable pour.

"I never understood why anyone would pay a ton for decanters. These work perfect. They look nice. And if the wine is great you'll have no problems"

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