This Acopa 13 oz. bright white slanted porcelain bowl will add a touch of elegance to your table setting. The modern, slanted design of this bowl is both aesthetically appealing and ergonomic, making it easier to hold by staff and guests alike. Plus, this bowl is stackable for easy storage. Use it to serve fresh Caesar salad, sweet signature desserts, pasta with pesto or even lo mein. This porcelain bowl is durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use in fast-paced environments. Your offerings will seemingly pop off the table when contrasted to the bright white color of this bowl. It is perfect for cafes, bars, and family-friendly restaurants.

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  • Perfect for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and catered events
  • Great for serving dessert, salad, pasta, lo mein, and other sides or appetizers
  • Contemporary asymmetrical rim
  • Durable, long lasting construction
  • Crisp white coloring
Capacity 13 oz.
Height 3 Inches
Top Diameter 7 Inches
Type Bowls
Color Bright White
WebstaurantPlus Eligible
Material Porcelain
Shape Slanted
Oven Safe Yes
Stackable Yes
Microwavable Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes

Slanted Design

The slanted, asymmetrical rim of this bowl provides your tabletop display with a contemporary touch. Both visually appealing and practical, this bowl's design also makes it much easier to hold for staff and guests, reducing the risk of your signature meals being dropped or spilled.

Bright White Color

This slanted bowl's bright white color provides contrast with your food. When set against this simple, clean backdrop, your delicious salads, desserts, and pastas will seemingly pop off the table and draw the attention of your guests.

Versatility in a Range of Settings

Use this bowl in a wide range of settings, from cafes and bars to family-friendly restaurants. Its pleasing, neutral, yet elegant design makes it perfect for any establishment. Plus, its durable construction makes it more than able to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

Acopa 13 oz. Bright White Slanted Porcelain Bowl - 12/Pack

Boasting a great value and unbeatable price, Acopa dinnerware is the ideal choice for busy bars, restaurants, or catered events. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate virtually any table setting, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect set for your establishment.

"These bowls worked so well for a salad bar! The shape of them added a nice eccentric touch. I will most definitely purchase a larger size to add some variety. No bowls were also cracked during shipping so they are nice and durable."

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